We’re Here

My husband and I arrived at my parents’ house with all our belongings last night. I was going to title this post “We’re Home” but I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge this as home. After all, it’s not like I grew up here. My parents only moved to this house a couple years ago and I have never even visited it before. And I really don’t want to settle in long term. We might have to, but it’s not what I want. So, we’re not home. We’re just… here.

This basement suite needs a lot of work but has potential. The kitchen is unusable at this point and has junk piled everywhere in it, but I’m assured this will soon be remedied.

There are a lot of folksy, craftsy decor items on the walls everywhere, but my mom says I can take them down and put my own stuff up. Thank goodness for that. “Folksy” is far from being a style I am comfortable with. I like sleek and modern decor.

My parents say that as we work to fix the place up, they will let me choose paint colours and things like that. I have never had the opportunity to do that before in my life. My husband and I have always rented and haven’t been allowed to make changes. It’s going to be fun to exercise my creativity. I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time on Pinterest to get ideas.

Ideally I would like a clean, white Scandinavian look, as that’s what looks most appealing to me, but I’ve never been able to make that happen. When you’re not rich, you don’t always end up with exactly what you want, not to mention that it’s hard to maintain a sleek white look when you have a longish-haired grey cat and you’re not a neat freak. So, my furniture is mostly brown leather and cream-coloured microfiber, with some black pieces. Since I’m not in a position to buy new things, unless something changes I will have to think of what will work with what I have.

Other than the unusable kitchen, there are a couple of other negatives. It is freakin’ cold in this basement! There’s a gas heater in the kitchen area, but my parents don’t have it hooked up yet. There’s a baseboard heater in the living room that doesn’t seem to get very warm, and a small portable heater in the bedroom that blew a breaker when we tried to use it. It didn’t even get that cold outside overnight, so I can only imagine how much colder it will feel in here in the winter when it’s freezing outside unless something is done about it in the meantime. It’s quite a contrast to our city apartment, where it was always far hotter than we wanted it to be. Even in the winter I’d be sitting around in a tank top and a skirt. I actually kind of missed wearing sweaters at home, so I guess I can make up for that now.

The other issue is the smell. My parents’ houses have always had a very distinct odor. They have always blamed it on various things but the smell follows them wherever they go so I think it’s just them. You’d think I’d get used to it, especially having grown up with them, but I never have, and it’s especially bad when I come back after being away for a long time like this. I’m finding it really hard to bear.

I know that beggars can’t be choosers though, so I am trying to be grateful for the place to live in spite of these issues.

I do think I can make this space work for us.



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